Muscadine Grapes.

The next time you sit down for dinner, don’t forget the bottle of wine – Here are a few reasons why.

Muscadine Grapes

Many Florida wines are made from muscadine grapes. This variety of grapes contains the highest level of antioxidants ever tested in a natural product.

Also of interest, is that muscadine grapes are fat free & high in fiber. You can see that there are many health benefits to drinking wine. In fact, moderate drinking is reported to be able to reduce heart attacks by 50 percent.

One doctor reports that “Antioxidants in wine help prevent damage to blood vessels, help prevent heart disease and have as many as 400 other chemicals in wine raise the level of HDL in blood. HDL is the good cholesterol that helps prevent heart attack and stroke.”

You may have never imagined that having a glass of wine with dinner, could have so many positive health benefits. Drinking wine with meals increases its benefits as well. Another Doctor reports “Drinking with dinner assures that protective effects of alcohol are strongest in the evening, when fats from the dinner meal circulate through the blood stream and carry over to the next morning, when most heart attacks take place.”

Muscadine Grapes

Recent tests have also shown that resveratrol from muscadine grapes can block cancer cells from attacking organs, and therefore prevent the spread of the disease once it starts. Resveratrol is also very effective as an inhibitor of the growth of COX, a coupon present in breast cancer and other cancers. Compounds that inhibit COX offer promise as a cancer prevention agent. They make cancer cells vulnerable to the body’s natural defenses.

Research has also shown that there are additional benefits in the muscadine grapes themselves. It has been said that if you do not like wine, try jams, or muffins made from muscadines. They’re an even better source of resveratrol.

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